The Rules of World Class Wrestling Superstars

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The Rules of World Class Wrestling Superstars

Post by David Buchannon on Thu Apr 02, 2015 12:01 am

Here at WCWS we do not allow actual wrestlers. Their likenesses may be used, but nothing else. I will post a topic stating which wrestlers have been used. Please check there before filling out the contract. Celebrities may be used also and their names will be posted in a topic as well.

[Roleplaying Minimum]
Each roleplay must be at least five to eight sentences long to make a post meaningful.

[Sexual Content]
NOT ALLOWED. Put simply, no sex between characters. Keep everything as clean as possible.

You may attack another character without the person's permission.However,please do not take advantage of this power.

[Match Roleplaying & Deadlines]
Match roleplaying has to be met by a certain date.Any posts after that date for the planned "event" will not be counted as the staff will deliberate who wins a match judged by if they roleplayed,realism,and if the person followed the minimum,which is ten lines for a match roleplay unless you use the size preferences and that minimum is eight lines.

[Out of Character (OOC) Discussion]
We do have a section for this on this e-fed.You may discuss wrestling,post games,discuss graphics,or just talk about anything in general.However,please be respectful of a fellow member as it is the humane thing to do.

[Spamming & Flooding]
Neither are permitted as it does annoy practically everyone.

[Other E-feds Relations]
They are allowed to be advertised here as long as you send the link to a staff member(moderator or administrator) to post it up.
As for bringing storylines into this e-fed,it is not permitted despite if someone knows what you're talking about or not.Everyone starts out with a clean slate.

Results are written by assigned writers for the payperview once the staff discusses who should win.For regular cards,the staff will discuss who should win on the last two days of the week.Please do not be angered with anyone as it is only our unpaid job to come to agreements about results.

Please respect everyone in the SB as it is OOC. Calmly discuss a disagreement through here and do not argue.This is part of the e-fed that is not mandatory[[also known as a privilege]] and can be deleted at any time.

Above all else, have fun. If you have a problem with another member, take it up with a Staff member.

If any of these rules are broken,the consequences shall be:
First Offense:Warning
Second Offense:Suspended from three days to seven
Third/continuing Offense(s):Deletion

**As with life, The Rules are always changing. Check back at least once a month to ensure you stay updated**

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