The WCWS Contract

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The WCWS Contract

Post by David Buchannon on Thu Apr 02, 2015 11:27 am

Appearance (Provide a Picture):
Pic Base who is the person in the picture. Tell us who your celebrity/wrestler is so we can update the taken list.
Moveset: Please provide us with at least ten moves that your wrestler uses on during a match. These ten moves will aid the results writers in creating a great match.
Signature Move(s) Please provide us with no more than two signature moves. These are the moves used to prepare for your superstar's finishing move. You can even give these moves a custom name. Just provide the actual name of the move too.
Finisher Move(s): Please provide us with no more than two finishing moves. These moves are used to end the match. Customize the names of these moves as well.
Theme Music:
Status (Face, Heel, Neutral):
Classification (Cruiserweight, Heavyweight, Diva):
Roleplay Sample:
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